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August 2013

  • Napsonic: Science & Soc. Science Departments

September 2013

  • Annual Day III, IV, V

October 2013

  • Annual Sports – IX, X, XI, XII

November 2013

  • Mega Quiz - I, II

December 2013

  • Spectrum - VI, VII, VIII

January 2014

  • Show & Tell – I, II
  • MegaQuiz –IX
  • Graduation Day- XII

February 2014

  • Mega Quiz (class VI –VIII)
  • Mega Quiz( class III- V)
  • Annual Day – K G


Rhyme and rhythm, enterprise and enquiry merged like a kaleidoscope to form the vibrant hues of a rainbow as NPS Rajajinagar celebrated Spectrum 2013.

The central theme of the event was “Vibrant Villages of India” and students of grades 7 and 8 enacted plays in English, Hindi and Kannada, sang melodies, choreographed dances under Visual and Performing Art and organised fun games. Themes as vivid and varied as Village Panchayats in action (Social Science) , the idea of “Cyber Village” by the department of Computer Science and unravelling of puzzles by the Math Department left visitors spell bound and asking for more. The ease and expertise with which the students demonstrated projects and displays in Science and exhibited fluency in Sanskrit, mirrored their confidence and spirit of enquiry. Best out of waste was presented with finesse where smokey deals (smoke precipitator), treasures in trash (biogas), magnetic illumination were ably linked to their utility in our villages.

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